General Rules
  • Student participants must be enrolled in one of the schools participating in the Greater Binghamton Scholastic Challenge (GBSC).
  • Each team can consist of a single person or up to 6 members from grades 9 through 12.
  • Each school may enter any number of teams.
  • The main contact for GBSC will be GBSC Coordinator:

Business Plans
  • Each team may submit only one business plan to the GBSC.
  • All teams must e-mail their original business plans by May 3, 2018 to
  • All business plans must involve a business idea that is wholly original and based on the independent thinking of the applicants. While all submitted ideas remain the property of the submitting student(s), all submissions become part of the public domain and are not protected by copyrights, trademarks, or patent laws unless the students (or their parents) independently seek intellectual-property protection.
  • Business plans must not exceed 15 pages and should be between 10-15 pages long.

  • There will be a trade-show format throughout the competition finals.
  • Each team will receive up to $100 dollars to spend on prototype materials for the final event. Receipts must be saved and turned into MMC for proof of purchase. MMC will not be purchasing items this year or supplying creative work for business cards or banners.
  • The setup of the trade show at the competition finals will include a single eight-foot table with cover for each team (tables and covers are provided by the GBSC). Each team will need to provide a suitable display for its business. Smaller teams may have to share a table.
  • To avoid the potential for allergic reactions, any edible items provided during the trade show at the competition finals must include full ingredient lists.

Final Event
  • The GBSC encourages all team members to be present at and participate in the competition finals, trade show, and awards ceremony.
  • All team members must be dressed in appropriate business attire for the competition finals.
  • For oral presentations at the competition finals, each team will be given time to present their business followed by a judge’s question-and-answer session.
  • All final presentations must be e-mailed, in Microsoft PowerPoint format, by May 22, 2018 to
  • All decisions by judges are final.
  • All GBSC sessions—including final presentations and the judges’ question-and-answer sessions— may be open to the general public. Sessions may also be broadcast or distributed through the media, Internet, or other means.